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Weycroft Financial offers advice on these types of protection:

  1. Life Cover
  2. Critical Illness cover
  3. Mortgage Payment Protection
  4. Building/Contents
  5. Income Protection

Life Cover

An insurance plan that, during the term of cover, pays out a cash sum if you die.

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Critical Illness Cover

An insurance plan that pays out a cash sum, called lifestyle benefit, if you are diagnosed as suffering from one of a range of specified critical illnesses or you have one of a range of specified operations during the term of the plan.

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Mortgage Payment Protection

In the event of falling ill, having an accident or losing your job, payment protection will provide you with a monthly income.

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Buildings and Contents

Either choose to insure individually or both as a complete home protection package with a premium discount.

Buildings Insurance
People often believe that they have to take the insurance that their lender offers. They think it's a condition of their mortgage. In most cases, this simply isn't true and you are free to make your own insurance arrangements.

Home buildings cover available through Weycroft Financial Services is accepted by major banks and building societies.

Contents Insurance
Weycroft Financial Services can arrange insurance that provides wide ranging cover for all your household contents - furniture, carpets, curtains, pictures, TV, hi-fi, kitchen equipment, PCs, ornaments, clothing, personal possessions,etc.

Amongst many other things, your home contents will be automatically insured, on a new for old basis against the following:

  1. fire, explosion, lightning or earthquake
  2. Theft (including damage by thieves)
  3. Storm or flood damage
  4. Leakage of water or oil from pipes or tanks
  5. Malicious damage and much much more...

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Income Protection

It is a plan designed to give you a regular benefit if you suffer illness or injury leading to a loss of earnings. You select the features of the plan to make sure the cover is right for you. You decide:

  1. the amount of benefit you require
  2. how soon you need the benefit to start
  3. for how long you need the benefit to be paid, and
  4. for how long you want the cover to last.